Himachal Pradesh Social General Knowledge Questions-58

851. Which of the following festivals observed through out the Kinnaur district?

  • a) Khepa
  • b) Deewal
  • c) Rang Rorang
  • d) Jagra

852. Which of the following festival is famous only for vulgarity in Kinnaur district?

  • a) Jatrang
  • b) Chango Sheshul
  • c) Rarang
  • d) Mahang Sanga

853. Which of the following festival of Kinnaur is organized by the young unmarried men?

  • a) Chayang Kulma
  • b) Peetag Puja
  • c) Eratang
  • d) Toshim

854. Who installed the idol of  Raghunathji in Kullu in 1653 AD?

  • a) Jagat Singh
  • b) Suraj Sen
  • c) Sultan Chand
  • d) Awadh Singh

855. “Dussehra” is famous of:

856. Name the fair held in the memory of Devi Hidimba in Kullu?

  • a) Doongri Fair
  • b) Sainj Fair
  • c) Ani Fair
  • d) Dalesh Fair

857. Which of the following fairs held in Kullu, observed in the memory of Lord Parshurama?

  • a) Ganter fair
  • b) Bhadoli fair
  • c) Luhri lavi
  • d) Samshi Virshu

858. The fair of Buddi Diwali is held at:

  • a) Soidhar
  • b) Sarnali
  • c) Nirmand
  • d) Khokhan

859. Nyingmapa, Kagyudapa, Shakya and Buzhens all related to Lahaul-Spiti are:

  • a) Famous peaks
  • b) Buddhist sects
  • c) Marriage customs
  • d) Four castes

860. The Tebagston, Kowanchi and Kunmaibaghstan term in Lahaul area are related to:

  • a) Marriage system
  • b) Eating habits
  • c) Forms of Dance
  • d) Famous valleys


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