Himachal Pradesh Social General Knowledge Questions-58

851. Which of the following festivals observed through out the Kinnaur district?

852. Which of the following festival is famous only for vulgarity in Kinnaur district?

853. Which of the following festival of Kinnaur is organized by the young unmarried men?

854. Who installed the idol of  Raghunathji in Kullu in 1653 AD?

855. “Dussehra” is famous of:

856. Name the fair held in the memory of Devi Hidimba in Kullu?

857. Which of the following fairs held in Kullu, observed in the memory of Lord Parshurama?

858. The fair of Buddi Diwali is held at:

859. Nyingmapa, Kagyudapa, Shakya and Buzhens all related to Lahaul-Spiti are:

860. The Tebagston, Kowanchi and Kunmaibaghstan term in Lahaul area are related to:


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