Himachal Pradesh Geography General Knowledge Questions-68

951. Tranda Devi temple is located in:

952. Satyanarayan temple is located in :

953. Which one thousand years old site in Himachal has been declared as  the “World Heritage Site” by UNESCO?

954. Where is Maa Yamuna Bal Park located which ha sstatues of  J.L Nehru, Y.S Parmar and Mahatma Gandhi?

955. How many monasteries did Ratan Bhadra establish in west Tibet, Spiti and Kinnaur area during his lifetime?

856. How many Shalokhas are recited during Kalachakra ceremony of Bodhs?

857. Who studied and researched on four old wooden temples of Chamba town and wrote a book ‘Early Wooden Temples of Chamba’?

858. Raja Pratap Singh Varman erected Badri Narayan temple in-

859. Where is Mahakaleshwar Dham?

860. Demon Jallandhar undertook penance to propitiate Lord Shiva at:

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