Himachal Pradesh Social Life and Customs -1

971. “Kamla Nair” has been famous :

972. Jadko Ram from district Hamirpur Tauni Devi Block was famous for:

973. Under which section of Panchayati Raj Act-1994, Himachal Pradesh parents having more than two children can’t contest Panchayat election?

974. District level “Bhallai” fair is observed at-

975. Sunil Dutt Gautam of Mandi has been a famous :

976. “Manohar Singh” from village  Biyolia district Shimla was a famous:

977.  Who was the first lady Indian Police Servant from Himachal Pradesh:

978. Bhunda festival of Bajleti area of district Shimla is celebrated after every:

979. “Shikhu Devta” is famous of the area:

980. The Ranganath temple of Bilaspur is dedicated to:



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