Himachal Pradesh Geography General Knowledge Questions-17

161. Which of the following places are located on the bank of Satluj river?

  • a) Rampur
  • b) Suni
  • c) Tattapani
  • d) All of above

162. The river Bhaba originates around Chung Sakhango pass on border with-

  • a) Pakistan
  • b) Tibet
  • c) Afghanistan
  • d) both a and b

163. What is the of the spot located at the confluence of the Pin and Parbati rivers?

  • a) Urman
  • b) Unanso
  • c) Chow Dinkar
  • d) Dakrain

164. In which river of Himachal Pradesh gold is found?

  • a) Satluj
  • b) Yamuna
  • c) Beas
  • d) Chandrabhaga

165. The temple at the top of Churdhar  is –

  • a) Shri Krishna Temple
  • b) Shiva Temple
  • c) Vishnu Temple
  • d) Durga Temple

166. Shrikhand Mahadev peak is in-

167. A natural Shivalinga is at :

  • a) Chanshal
  • b) Deo Tibba
  • c) Churdhaar peak
  • d) Shrikhand peak

168. Budha Kedar is in-

169. Narasingha Tibba lies in district

  • a) Kinnaur
  • b) Chamba
  • c) Sirmour
  • d) Kangra

170. Gauri Devi Ka Tibba is in dirtrict

  • a) Shimla
  • b) Sirmour
  • c) kullu
  • d) Chamba


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