Himachal Pradesh Geography General Knowledge Questions-3

21. The driest area of Himachal Pradesh is?

22.  The rainiest place of Himachal Pradesh is?

  • a) Bharanj in Hamirpur
  • b) Chopaal in Shimla
  • c) Dharamshala in Kangra
  • d) Dadhol in Bilaspur

23. How many rivers flow through Himachal Pradesh?

24. The river Beas rises from:-

  • a) Rohtang pass
  • b) Zozila Pass
  • c) Baralacha pass
  • d) Shipkila pass

25. Bilaspur was merged in Himachal pradesh on:-

  • a) 15th April, 1949
  • b) 1st July, 1954
  • c) 26th January, 1975
  • d) 15th August, 1956

26.The Yamuna river rises from:-

  • a) Gomukh
  • b)Yamunotri
  • c)Mansarovar
  • d) Sukhna Lake

27. What is the source of origin of river Ravi?

  • a) Apasara Kund
  • b) Vyas Kund
  • c) Dal lake
  • d) Bara Bangal

28. The Chamba Town is Situated at ________ side if Ravi river.

  • a) Right
  • b) left
  • c) No where near to it.
  • d) both a and b

29. “Giriganga” is a tributary of the river:-

30. “Pabbar”is tributary of:

  • a) Ravi
  • b) Chenab
  • c)Yamuna
  • d) Satluj

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