Himachal Pradesh Geography General Knowledge Questions-4

31. Which district belongs to “New Shimla”?

32. Name the place where the river “Beas” leaves district Kangra?

  • a) Jogindernagar
  • b) Mirthal
  • c) Nadaun
  • d) Sandhol

33. The river “Beas” enters Mandi District at:

  • a) Sandhol
  • b) Mirthal
  • c) Nalti
  • Bajaura

34. The place “Bara Bangal” is currently located in the district of:

  • a) Hamirpur
  • b) Shimla
  • c) Kangra
  • d) Sirmour

35. Which river is fed by the glacier “Bara Bangal”?

36. What was the Sanskritic  name of the river Beas?

  • a) Irawati
  • b) Vitasta
  • c) Vipasha
  • d) Brihandini

37. The river Ravi is formed by two glacier fed steams named:

  • a) tantiguri and Solang
  • b) Bhadal and Tantiguri
  • c) Munja and Chail
  • d) Chail and Tantiguri

38. What is the total length of the river Ravi in Himchal Pradesh?

  • a) 199kms
  • b) 209 kms
  • c) 300kms
  • d) 158kms

39. What is the Sanskritic name river Ravi?

  • a) Irawati
  • b) Mrigchini
  • c) Rishab
  • d) Ritambhra

40. Local name of Glaciers is……


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