Himachal Pradesh Geography General Knowledge Questions-23

211. The place “Nathpa” is located in district:

212. At which place river Beas and Parbati meet?

213. Jawahar Park Zoo is located at –

214. The famous Daulat Singh Park is located at:

215. Gohar development block is in the district:

216. In which year Pong dam was built?

217. The total Area of Pong dam is nearly-

  • a) 37km. long and 9m in width
  • b) 42 km. long and 19m in width
  • c) 27 km long and 12m in width
  • d) 15 km long and 2km in width

218. Who prepared the draft of Ranjeet  Sagar Dam wayback in 1912?

  • a) British Engineer Willy
  • b) American Engineer Arthur James
  • c) Japaneese Engineer Hashimita
  • d) Indian Engineer Rakesh Mahajan

219. Sheetla bridge is on the river-

220. Which district of Himachal pradesh is called “Cold Desert”?


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