Himachal Pradesh Social General Knowledge Questions-52

791. Which among the following is not belonging to the group of castes?

792. Which of the following is not a lower caste found in Himachal Pradesh?

  • a) Gehlote
  • b) Chanals
  • c) Dhakis
  • d) Rehars

793. Which among the following is not of non-Aryan origin. Living in Himachal?

794. Which of the following castes not having name corresponding to ethnological character?

795. By what name the Blacksmith and Carpenters are known in Kinnaur district?

  • a) Domang
  • b) Channals
  • c) Halis
  • d) Barhi

796. What is the main occupation of the caste “Turis”?

  • a) Mending shoes
  • b) Bamboo workers
  • c) Music and dancing
  • d) Mending iron implements

797. The Damchalshish or Benanghach or Jushis is a form of marrige prevalent in the Kinnaur district, means:

  • a) Love marriage
  • b) Arranged marriage
  • c) Experimental marriage
  • d) Polyandry

798. The people of Kinnaur, Lahaul and Spitiare akin to the people of Western Tibet, aslo known as:

799. The people of Aryan origin in Himachal Pradesh were identified as:

  • a) Bhot
  • b) Turis
  • c) Kolis
  • d) Kunindas

800. Which among the following castes of the people in Himachal Pradesh are not of Aryan origin?


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