Himachal Pradesh Current Affairs

  1. Which district has the highest per workers income?

a) Shimla



d) Solan

2. Kishau Power Project is signed between-

a. Himachal and Uttrakhand

b. Himachal and Punjab

c. Himachal and Haryana

d. Himachal and Utter pradesh

3. Which project MGNREGA in 2015?

a. Construction of Schools

b. saving water

c. Plantation on road sides

d. None of these

4. Which district has the largest area under green cover as per 2015 survey?

a. Sirmour

b. Shimla

c. Mandi

d. Kullu

5. Which minister started ‘ Rojgar Yojna’ against his own state Government?

a. Thakur Kaul Singh

b. Sudhir Sharma

c. G.S Bali

d. Mukesh Agnihotri

6. The rose Garden of Nauni University has been renamed after-

a. Dr.Y.S.Parmar

b. Priyanka Gandhi

c. Dr. M.R Thakur

d. Dr. D.R Thakur

7. ‘Haroli Utsab’ is famous of the district-

a. Una

b. Hamirpur

c. Bilaspur

d. Kullu

8. Which T.V actress from Himachal got Dada Sahib Falke Award for her work o T.V

a. Kangna Ranaut

b. Preeti Zinta

c. Rubina Dilaik

d. Sargam Pathania

9. Which animal farm was closed, to vacate place for AIIMS in H.P state?

a. Sarol

b. Kothipura

c. Nagwain

d. Tal

10. who will be the Chairperson of Administrative Services Board?

a. Chief Minister

b. Chief secretary

c. Any Judge of the high court

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