Himachal Pradesh current affairs-2

1. Which National Park of Himachal Pradesh was recognised as World Heritage in 2014 by UNESCO ?

a)Pin Valley National Park

b) Simbalbara National Park

c) The Great Himalayan National Park

d) Rupi Bhawa National Park

2. In how many schools in Himachal, the project ‘Swayam Sidham’ was launched in 2014?

a. 628


c. 365

d. 366

3. Navdeep Bhandari recipient of Asian Pacific International Award was the principal of-

a. Him Academy, Hamirpur

b. Guru Nanak Public School, Dalhousie

c. Guru Nanak Mission school, Paonta Sahib

d. B.C.S Shimla

4. In which district Shankracharya Trust announced to set up Medical College?

a. Solan


c. Una

d. Mandi

5. Mixed marshal art player bhushan Kumar Hailed from district :

a. Mandi

b. Shimla

c. Hamirpur


6. Jagat Ram from Nagwain was honoured with National Award in the field of:

a. Agriculture

b. Shawl design

c. Horticulture

d. Music

7. From where did Himachal Government decide to import Seevakthorn medicinal plant?

a. Russia

b. America

c. Japan

d. Germany

8. Shrikhand Mahadev is located in District-

a. Shimla

b. Kinnaur

c. Sirmour

d. Kullu

9. Who was the first and founder Vice chancellor of central University Dharamshala ?

a. Prof. Phurkan Kumar

b. Prof. S.N. Siddiki

c. Doctor R.A Khan

d. Doctor Kalpana Negi

10. What was the rank of NIT Hamirpur in 2014 human rescource Development report of National Reporter ?

a. 4th




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