40 Important questions about Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh GK important questions.

Q1 . Which fort in Himachal Pradesh was attacked by Mahmud Gaznavi in 1019 A.D.?
Answer – Kangra

Q2 . What was the status of Himachal Pradesh as a state of the Indian Union after the State Re-organization Commission submitted its report in 1956?
Answer – Union Territory

Q3 . Which is the largest World Bank financed hydro-electric project in Himachal Pradesh?
Answer – Nathpa Jhakri (1500 MW, in Kinnaur)

Q4 . Who built the Gauri Shankar Temple of Chamba?
Answer – Tribhuvan Rekha Devi

Q5 . Which is the largest temple of Himachal Pradesh?
Answer – Lakshna Devi Temple (Bharmour)

Q6 . Who started the Pajotha movement?
Answer – Kissan Sabha

Q7 . When did Kullu came under the dominance of British?
Answer – 1846 A.D.

Q8 . Who was the first Governor of Himachal Pradesh?
Answer – S. Chakravarti

Q9 . When was Shimla Municipal Committee set-up?
Answer – 1952

Q 10 . Where is Roerich Art Gallery located in Himachal?
Answer Naggar (Kullu)

Q11 . Where is the Golf Course located in Shimla?
Answer – Naldehra

Q12 . Darwar, Bageshwari and Bahar are the types of…..
Answer – Tea

Q13 . Where is Sobha Singh Art Gallery located?
Answer – Andreta

Q 14 . What was the earlier name of Advance Studies Institute?
Answer – Vice Regal Lodge

Q 15 . What are the longitudinal and latitudinal boundaries of Himachal Pradesh?
Answer – 75°47′ East longitude and 30°22′ to 33°12′ North latitude

Q 16 . Who was the first Englishman to reach Rohtang pass?
Answer – Moorecraft (1820)

Q17 . When did Mountaineeing Training Institute at Manali came into existence?
Answer – 1961

Q 18 . Which glacier was named by Lady Elasheingh about a centurey ago?
Answer – The Lady of Keylong

Q 19 . Which is the highest peak in Himachal Pradesh?
Answer – Shilla (7025 mts in Kinnaur)

Q 20 . Which river is mentioned as Askini in Vedas?
Answer – Chenab

Q 21. What is the total geographical area of state Himachal Pradesh?
Answer – 55673 Sq. km

Q 22. When Himachal Pradesh was constituted?
Answer – 15th April, 1948

Q 23. When were Punjab Hills merged into Himachal Pradesh?
Answer – 1st November, 1966

Q 24. When did Himachal Pradesh achieved full statehood?
Answer – 25 January, 1971

Q 25. What is the Vedic name of river Ravi?
Answer – Parushani

Q 26. What is the Vedic name of Satluj?
Answer – Satudri

Q 27. What is the Vedic name of river Beas?
Answer – Arjikya

Q 28. Baspa river is the tributary of which river?
Answer – Satluj

Q 29. Which is the longest river of Himachal Pradesh?
Answer – Satluj

Q 30. Bhakhra Dam is loacated on which river?
Answer – Satluj

Q 31. Which pass separates Kinnaur from Tibet?
Answer – Chobia Pass

Q 32. Which is the largest glacier in Asia located in HimachalPradesh?
Answer – Shigri La (in Lahaul-Spiti)

Q 33. What is the altitude of Kinner Kailash?
Answer – 6500 mts

Q 34. Which pass separates Mandi from Kullu?
Answer – Dulachi Pass

Q 35. The highest bridge in Asia at Kandror is located on which river?
Answer – Satluj

Q 36 . In which district is lake Suraj Tal located?
Answer – Lahaul Spiti

Q 37 . River Pabbar originated from which lake?
Answer – Chandra Nahan Lake (Shimla)

Q 38 . In which scripture is the war between Divodas and Shambhar mentioned?
Answer – Rig Veda

Q 39 . Which river was it on whose banks Alexander erected huge altars as a mark of his invasion of India?
Answer – Beas

Q 40 . Who was the head of the group of monks whom Ashoka had sent to preach Buddhism in Himachal Pradesh?
Answer – Majjihima


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