Himachal Pradesh Geography General Knowledge Questions-14

131. Which of the following areas was not transferred toEast- Punjab from Mahasu district in 1950?

132. In which area “Kandaghat” and “Nalagarh” were transferred to Himachai Pradesh from Punjab?

133. In which year Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha first time asked for statehood through a resolution?

134. Mark the Incorrect-

  • a) War Memorial- Dharamshala
  • b) CSIR Complex- Palampur
  • c) Sainik School- Hamirpur
  • d) Linton Memorial- Nahan

135. Mark the incorrect-

  • a) Nehru Kund-Manali
  • b) Fish Breeding farm- Ghumarwin
  • c) Rishi Lalpi Memorial- Paonta Sahib
  • d) St.Jones Church- Dharamshala

136. “Sandeepani Himalaya” is located near:-

137. Mark the incorrect-

  • a) Apsara Kund- Bilaspur
  • b) Sati Pillars- Mandi
  • c) Sardar Ajit Singh Memorial- panjpullah
  • d) Apsara Kund-Ajagar
  • e) Arjun Gufa-  Bilaspur

138. Which districts having common boundries with Uttarakhand?

139. How is Himachal Pradesh is placed in terms of geographical area among  all states of India?

140. What percentage of area Himachal Pradesh occupied in total geographical area of India?


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