Himachal Pradesh Geography General Knowledge Questions-21

201. Which two road bridges of Himachal Pradesh were declared engineering marvels in 1996?

  • a) Dodan Khad, district Kangra and Pabbar near Saraswati Nagar
  • b) Kandror bridge in Bilaspur and Sukkar Khad in Hamirpur
  • c) Kunah Khad Hamirpur and Seer Khad Jahu
  • d) bridge on Yamuna at Paonta Sahib and on River Beas in Mandi

202. What kind of Baths have been set up by HPTDC near Vasisht Kund in Kullu?

  • a) British style
  • b) American style
  • c) Turkey style
  • d) Indian style

203. What is the altitude of Bijli Mahadev temple located in district Kullu from sea level?

  • a) 4000 mts.
  • b) 8000 mts
  • c) 4000 feet
  • d) 8000 feet

204. By which name the Miyar Khad valley is known?

  • a) Valley of flowers
  • b) Green Valley
  • c) Valley of hypnotism
  • d) None of these

205. At which place other than Himachal Pradesh the bird “Pulgar” is found?

  • a) Uttarakhand
  • b) Jammu and Kashmir
  • c) North-West Pakistan
  • d) All of above

206. Where is the central Yak Research Center located, set up by Indian Agriculture Research Council?

  • a) Himachal Pradesh
  • b) Arunachal Pradesh
  • c) Goa
  • d) Sikkim

207. “Churu” and “Churi” are the mixed breed of:

  • a) Horse and Cow
  • b) Hill Cow and Yak
  • c) Yak and Mule
  • d) Jersy cow & Local Bull

208. In which mountain ranges Khajjiar Lake is located:

  • a) Shivalik
  • b) Zanslar
  • c) Dhauladhar
  • d) Aravali

209. Which river flows beside the National Highway No.21?

210. Where is the Himachal Pradesh Biological Laboratory located?

  • a) Shimla
  • b) Hamirpur
  • c) Palampur
  • d) Chamba


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