Himachal Pradesh Geography General Knowledge Questions-21

201. Which two road bridges of Himachal Pradesh were declared engineering marvels in 1996?

  • a) Dodan Khad, district Kangra and Pabbar near Saraswati Nagar
  • b) Kandror bridge in Bilaspur and Sukkar Khad in Hamirpur
  • c) Kunah Khad Hamirpur and Seer Khad Jahu
  • d) bridge on Yamuna at Paonta Sahib and on River Beas in Mandi

202. What kind of Baths have been set up by HPTDC near Vasisht Kund in Kullu?

203. What is the altitude of Bijli Mahadev temple located in district Kullu from sea level?

204. By which name the Miyar Khad valley is known?

205. At which place other than Himachal Pradesh the bird “Pulgar” is found?

206. Where is the central Yak Research Center located, set up by Indian Agriculture Research Council?

207. “Churu” and “Churi” are the mixed breed of:

208. In which mountain ranges Khajjiar Lake is located:

209. Which river flows beside the National Highway No.21?

210. Where is the Himachal Pradesh Biological Laboratory located?


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