Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-7

291. Which of the following republics did not participate in the out through of Kushana ruler from Himachal region?

a) Arjunyas
b) Kunindas
c) Krishnayas
d) Yaudheyas

292. Who erected the Rock edict at Kalsi on the confluence of the Tons and the Jamuna (Sirmour state)?

a) Chandragupta
b) Kanishka
c) Lord Buddha
d) Ashoka

293. Rahun were ruled by –

a) Rajas
b) Thakurs
c) Ranas
d) Pandits

294. The earliest capital of the Kuluta state was-

a) Naggar
b) Kullu
c) Sultanpur
d) Kalsi

295. Who built the fort of Nagarkot in the ancient period?

a) Ashoka
b) Susharma
c) Sansar Chand
d) Ghamand Chand

296. Who was the Chief Counsellor of the Aryan King Divodas?

a) Panini
b) Kapil muni
c) Rishi Bhardwaj
d) Ved vyas

297. Where was the 40 years war between Kirata King Shambar and Aryan King Divodas took place?

a) Udubraj
b) Mahalmorian
c) Kalsi
d) Kapilvastu

298. Who supported the Kirata King Shambra in the Kirata Aryan war?

a) Matsaya Naresh
b) Verchi
c) Shringi Rishi
d) Drugana

299. The earliest inhabitants of Himachal Pradesh, which find mention in the Rig Veda, today represented by:

a) Kolis, Halis and Doms
b) Rajput, Brahmins and Khtris
c) Khatri, Shudra  and Rajput
d) Buddhhist and Tibetans

300. The second wave which entered Himachal Pradesh in 3rd Milennium B.C are identified with-

a) Brahmins and Rajputs
b) Ahris and Kolis
c) Bhotas and Kiratas
d) kolis and Channals

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