Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-8

331. Raja Jagat Chand retired to Brindaban, by abdicating throne in favour of his grandson, named-

332. In 1882 A.D Hira Chand died at a place called-

333. Since when the records of the Bilaspur state were kept in Devnagri script (A.D)?

334. Who got the famous “Raja Mahal of Bilaspur” constructed in 1900 A.D?

335. “Sahib Amar Singh” was famous wazir of the state-

336. Who among the following was the last Raja of Bilaspur?

337. Who founded the Chamba state in the middle of sixth century A.D?

338. In the ancient, the seat of Chamba state was at-

339. Who was the ruler of Brahmpura killed Kullu raja Dateshwar pal in a battle?

340. Who was the first raja of Chamba to adopt the title of “Varman”?


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