Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-8

331. Raja Jagat Chand retired to Brindaban, by abdicating throne in favour of his grandson, named-

  • a) Hira Chand
  • b) Narpat Chand
  • c) Bhuma Chand
  • d) Prithvi Chand

332. In 1882 A.D Hira Chand died at a place called-

  • a) Bambla
  • b) Swarghat
  • c) Mandi
  • d) Bachchretu

333. Since when the records of the Bilaspur state were kept in Devnagri script (A.D)?

334. Who got the famous “Raja Mahal of Bilaspur” constructed in 1900 A.D?

  • a) Hari Chand
  • b) Suhag Chand
  • c) Kabir Chand
  • d) Bijai Chand

335. “Sahib Amar Singh” was famous wazir of the state-

  • a) Bilaspur
  • b) Kullu
  • c) Mahlog
  • d) Balson

336. Who among the following was the last Raja of Bilaspur?

  • a) Himmat Chand
  • b) Kalyan Chand
  • c) Anand Chand
  • d) Sri Chand

337. Who founded the Chamba state in the middle of sixth century A.D?

  • a) Jalvarman
  • b) Maruvarman
  • c) Sahil Varman
  • d) Aditya Varman

338. In the ancient, the seat of Chamba state was at-

  • a) Pangi
  • b) Chamba
  • c) Salooni
  • d) Brahmpura

339. Who was the ruler of Brahmpura killed Kullu raja Dateshwar pal in a battle?

  • a) Meru Varman
  • b) Aditya Varman
  • c) Bala Varman
  • d) Diwakara varman

340. Who was the first raja of Chamba to adopt the title of “Varman”?

  • a) Meru
  • b) Aditya
  • c) Bala
  • d) Mahastambh


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