Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-9

341. Who was the Raja of Chamba, when “Kiras” (Tibetians) attacked the territory?

342. Who transferred the seat of government from Brahmpura to Chamba?

343. Name the Rani of Chamba, who sacrificed her self at Balota village to propitiate the script to ensure water supply to the Chamba town?

344. Who was the ruler of Chamba, when Ananta Deva(1028-1063 A.D) of Kashmir invaded the territory?

345. An inscribed stone existing at “Loh-Tikri” in Churah, related to the period of:

346. Two slab inscription, one at :Debri Kothi” and another at “Salhi”in Saichu Nala, Pangi related to the period of:

347. Who was the ruler of Chamba, when Mohammed Gauri attarcked India in 1191 and 1193 A.D?

348. Name the Ruler of Chamba, during whose period “Suffix” Singh was first used?

349. Who was the contemporary ruler of Chamba to mughal emperor Akbar the great?

350. Raja Balabhadra of Chamba was removed and deported by his son Janardhan to a village named:



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