Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-9

341. Who was the Raja of Chamba, when “Kiras” (Tibetians) attacked the territory?

  • a) Suvran Varman
  • b) Lakshmi Varman
  • c) Mushan Varman
  • d) Sahil Varman

342. Who transferred the seat of government from Brahmpura to Chamba?

  • a) Mushan Varman
  • b) Mritanjya Varman
  • c) Hans Varman
  • d) Sahil Varmani

343. Name the Rani of Chamba, who sacrificed her self at Balota village to propitiate the script to ensure water supply to the Chamba town?

  • a) Champavati
  • b) Naina Devi
  • c) Rekha Devi
  • d) Deveshvari Davi

344. Who was the ruler of Chamba, when Ananta Deva(1028-1063 A.D) of Kashmir invaded the territory?

  • a) Salvahana Varman
  • b) Soma Varman
  • c) Dhairy Varman
  • d) Asata Varman

345. An inscribed stone existing at “Loh-Tikri” in Churah, related to the period of:

  • a) Asata Varman
  • b) Jasata Varman
  • c) Rana Pal
  • d) Ananta Deva

346. Two slab inscription, one at :Debri Kothi” and another at “Salhi”in Saichu Nala, Pangi related to the period of:

  • a) Lalita Varman
  • b) Udaya Varman
  • c) Dhala Varman
  • d) Prithvi Varman

347. Who was the ruler of Chamba, when Mohammed Gauri attarcked India in 1191 and 1193 A.D?

  • a) Kirti Varman
  • b) Vijaya Varman
  • c) Asha Varman
  • d) Vairasi Varman

348. Name the Ruler of Chamba, during whose period “Suffix” Singh was first used?

  • a) Bir Varman
  • b) Pratap Singh
  • c) Ganesh Varman
  • d) Hari Singh

349. Who was the contemporary ruler of Chamba to mughal emperor Akbar the great?

  • a) Partap Singh Varman
  • b) Ganesh Varman
  • c) Kirti Varman
  • d) Jeet Varman

350. Raja Balabhadra of Chamba was removed and deported by his son Janardhan to a village named:



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