Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-10

351. Name the Raja of Kangra, who killed Chamba raja Janardhan and his brother around 1623?

352. Who built the fort of Taragarh in the territory of Chamba?

353. Who was the first raja of Chamba to build state offices in Churah and Pangi?

354. From whom the family idol “Raghubir”of Chamba rajas was obtained by Prithvi Singh?

355. Who was the raja of Basholi, when Chatter Singh Reoccupied the Bhalai area to Chamba state?

356. Who among the following was not the part of confederation formed against Mirza Razia Begh, Vicery of Punjab, for his undue interference into the hills?

357. Who among the Following issued an order for Chatter Singh for demolition of all Hindu Temple in the state?

358. In which year combined forces of Kullu and Chamba expelled Tibetans from Lahaul area (A.D)?

359. Name the raja of Chamba, who had appointed a “Barber” to the wazir (raja had fallen in love with barber’s daughter)

360. Where did the raja Umed Singh of Chamba die, after abdicating throne?


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