Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-10

351. Name the Raja of Kangra, who killed Chamba raja Janardhan and his brother around 1623?

  • a) Jagat Singh
  • b) Prithvi Singh
  • c) Kikmat Singh
  • d) Megh Singh

352. Who built the fort of Taragarh in the territory of Chamba?

  • a) Prithvi Singh
  • b) Hikmat Singh
  • c) Jagat Singh
  • d) Megh Singh

353. Who was the first raja of Chamba to build state offices in Churah and Pangi?

  • a) Jagat Singh
  • b) Prithvi Singh
  • c) Jagat Singh
  • d) Megh Singh

354. From whom the family idol “Raghubir”of Chamba rajas was obtained by Prithvi Singh?

  •  a) Sahjahan
  • b) Jagat Singh
  • c) Prithvi Singh
  • d) Shakti Singh

355. Who was the raja of Basholi, when Chatter Singh Reoccupied the Bhalai area to Chamba state?

  • a) Sansar Chand
  • b) Shakti Chand
  • c) Sahil Chand
  • d) Sangram Pal

356. Who among the following was not the part of confederation formed against Mirza Razia Begh, Vicery of Punjab, for his undue interference into the hills?

  • a) Kirpal Singh- Jammu
  • b) Dhiraj Pal-Basoli
  • c) Jagat Singh- Kangra
  • d) Chattar Singh- Chamba

357. Who among the Following issued an order for Chatter Singh for demolition of all Hindu Temple in the state?

  • a) Babar
  • b) Aurangzeb
  • c) Jahangir
  • d) Sahajahan

358. In which year combined forces of Kullu and Chamba expelled Tibetans from Lahaul area (A.D)?

359. Name the raja of Chamba, who had appointed a “Barber” to the wazir (raja had fallen in love with barber’s daughter)

  • a) Udai Singh
  • b) Ugar Singh
  • c) Sham Singh
  • d) Sham Singh

360. Where did the raja Umed Singh of Chamba die, after abdicating throne?

  • a) Saho
  • b) Chaurasi area
  • c) Jwalamukhi
  • d) Jammu


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