Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-11

361. Who erected the palace at Nada, called Rajnagar?

  • a) Teg Singh
  • b) Bir Singh
  • c) Umed Singh
  • d) Ronak Singh

362. Who laid the foundation of Rang Mahal of Chamba in the middle of 18th century?

  • a) Kirti Varman
  • b) Umed Singh
  • c) Ronak Singh
  • d) Bir Singh

363. Who led the Chamba forces in the capture of Kishtwar state in 1786?

  • a) Brijesh Singh
  • b) Joraber Singh
  • c) Dhian Singh
  • d) Jit Singh

364. Before 1786 Rihlu was the territory with the state:

  • a) Nurpur
  • b) Chamba
  • c) Kangra
  • d) Shimla

365. Which of the following territories was the cause of dispute between Chamba and Basholi till 1800 A.D?

  • a) Bharmour
  • b) Sirmour
  • c) Churah
  • d) Salooni

366. Who led the Chamba forces, when combined attack took place against Sansar Chand of Kangra in 1804-05?

  • a) Jit Singh
  • b) Nathu Wazir
  • c) Jit Singh
  • d) Raj Singh

367. Who was made raja of Bhadrawah by Charpat Singh of Chamba in 1833?

  • a)  Nathu Wazir
  • b) Wazir Bhaga
  • c) Narpat Singh
  • d) Zorawar Singh

368. When the last time “Sati” was practised in Chamba state on the death of raja Charpat Singh?

369. Lakkar Shah a famous Brahmin was in the service of Chamba state during the period of:

  • a) Zorawar Singh
  • b) Gulab Singh
  • c) Sri Singh
  • d) Jit Singh

370. Who played a great patriotic role in maitaining independent status of Chamba state after 1846 treaty between the British and raja Gulab Singh of Jammu?

  • a) Sri Singh
  • b) Wazir Bhaga
  • c) Wazir Lakkar Shah
  • d) Zorawar Singh

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