Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-11

361. Who erected the palace at Nada, called Rajnagar?

362. Who laid the foundation of Rang Mahal of Chamba in the middle of 18th century?

363. Who led the Chamba forces in the capture of Kishtwar state in 1786?

364. Before 1786 Rihlu was the territory with the state:

365. Which of the following territories was the cause of dispute between Chamba and Basholi till 1800 A.D?

366. Who led the Chamba forces, when combined attack took place against Sansar Chand of Kangra in 1804-05?

367. Who was made raja of Bhadrawah by Charpat Singh of Chamba in 1833?

368. When the last time “Sati” was practised in Chamba state on the death of raja Charpat Singh?

369. Lakkar Shah a famous Brahmin was in the service of Chamba state during the period of:

370. Who played a great patriotic role in maitaining independent status of Chamba state after 1846 treaty between the British and raja Gulab Singh of Jammu?

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