Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-12

271. Pandavas (probably) spent their twelve year exile in-

272. The evidence found at various places in Himachal Pradesh show the existence of human race since:

  • a) The earliest of human evolution
  • b) The coming of Aryans
  • c) The coming of Mangols
  • d) The Indus valley Period

273: In the pre-Vedic period Shivalik hills were inhabited by;

274. Who among the following was the chief of the Dasas, fought against Aryans?

275. Who played the great role in reconciliation between “Dasas” and “Aryans”?

  • a) Rishi Vishwamitra
  • b) Rishi Vashishta
  • c) Rishi Ved Vyas
  • d) (a) and (b) both
  • e) (b) and (c) both

276. Who was supposed to be the first king of Kinner?

277. Who amoung the following tribes inhabiting Himalayan territory gave name to “Khasgar and kashmir”?

278. Which among the followings was not an important Janpada in 5th century B.C?

279. At which place of the followings Audumbaras coins have not been found in Himachal Predesh?

280. Audumbaras coins made of copper and silver were issued by the name of –


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