Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-12

271. Pandavas (probably) spent their twelve year exile in-

  • a) Bilaspur
  • b)Sirmour
  • c) Kaza
  • d) Mahasu

272. The evidence found at various places in Himachal Pradesh show the existence of human race since:

  • a) The earliest of human evolution
  • b) The coming of Aryans
  • c) The coming of Mangols
  • d) The Indus valley Period

273: In the pre-Vedic period Shivalik hills were inhabited by;

274. Who among the following was the chief of the Dasas, fought against Aryans?

  • a) Chamuri
  • b) Dhuni
  • c) Sushna
  • d) Praduman

275. Who played the great role in reconciliation between “Dasas” and “Aryans”?

  • a) Rishi Vishwamitra
  • b) Rishi Vashishta
  • c) Rishi Ved Vyas
  • d) (a) and (b) both
  • e) (b) and (c) both

276. Who was supposed to be the first king of Kinner?

  • a) Parikshit
  • b) Praduman
  • c) Pipru
  • d) Arjuna

277. Who amoung the following tribes inhabiting Himalayan territory gave name to “Khasgar and kashmir”?

  •  a) Kiratas
  • b) Yakshas
  • c) Nagas
  • d) Khasas

278. Which among the followings was not an important Janpada in 5th century B.C?

  • a) Trigarta
  • b) Kritika
  • c) Kuluta
  • d) Aadumbra

279. At which place of the followings Audumbaras coins have not been found in Himachal Predesh?

  • a) Kangra
  • b)Hoshiarpur
  • c) Jwalamukhi
  • d)Sirmour
  • e) Pathankot

280. Audumbaras coins made of copper and silver were issued by the name of –

  • a) King
  • b) Community
  • c) Ancestors
  • d) a and b both


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