Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-12

381. Who was the last Raja of the Chamba state?

382. Who founded Hamirpur, sometime around 1700-1740?

383. Where did the raja Ishwari Sen of Mandi was kept as a prisoner by Sansar Chand of Kangra?

384. :Mahal Morian” a place where historical battle between Sansar Chand and Gurkhas took place located in district?

385. Who was the Army General of Sansar Chand, during war against Gurkhas in 1806?

386. From 1809-1846 A.D Hamirpur territory was under the control of-


387. In which year Hamirpur become part of the British possession?

388. From 1846-1868 A.D the tehsil headquarter of Hamirpur was:

389. Hamirpur remained the possession of Punjab from 1846 to_______.

390. Who founded the place “Sujanpur Tihra” in 1748?


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