Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-12

381. Who was the last Raja of the Chamba state?

  • a) Sham Singh
  • b) Ram Singh
  • c) Lakshman Singh
  • d) Bhuri Singh

382. Who founded Hamirpur, sometime around 1700-1740?

  • a) Hamir Chand
  • b) Hardev Chand
  • c) Harihar Chand
  • d) Hari Chand

383. Where did the raja Ishwari Sen of Mandi was kept as a prisoner by Sansar Chand of Kangra?

  • a) Sujanpur Tira
  • b) Jwalamukhi
  • c) Nadaun
  • d) Kangra

384. :Mahal Morian” a place where historical battle between Sansar Chand and Gurkhas took place located in district?

  • a) Chamba
  • b)Hamirpur
  • c) Kangar
  • d) Bilaspur

385. Who was the Army General of Sansar Chand, during war against Gurkhas in 1806?

  • a) Nadir Khan
  • b) Nadir Shah
  • c) Gulam Mohammed
  • d) Gulam Chand

386. From 1809-1846 A.D Hamirpur territory was under the control of-

  • a) Gurkhas
  • b) Raja of Bilaspur
  • c) Raja of Chamba
  • d) Sikhs


387. In which year Hamirpur become part of the British possession?

388. From 1846-1868 A.D the tehsil headquarter of Hamirpur was:

  • a) Dalhausie
  • b) Hamirpur
  • c) Nadaun
  • d) Kangra

389. Hamirpur remained the possession of Punjab from 1846 to_______.

390. Who founded the place “Sujanpur Tihra” in 1748?

  • a) Kalyan Chand
  • b) Sansar chand
  • c) Abhey Chand
  • d) Hamid Chand


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