Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-13

391. Which was the only temple of Kangra Destroyed by the forces of Mahmud Gaznavi?

  • a)   Chamunda Temple
  • b) Vajreshwari Temple
  • c) Jwalamukhi Temple
  • d) Mahakal Temple

392. The ancient name of Kangra was?

  • a) Nagatkot
  • b) Killar
  • c) Jalandhra
  • d) Kaurapur

393.The ancient state “Trigarta”had two provinces. One was Nagarkot and the other _________.

  • a)Kirgrama
  • b) Patliputra
  • c) Jalandhra
  • d) Kaurapur

394. Who was the founder of Katoch dynasty in the ancient?

  • a) Bhuma Chand
  • b) Susharma
  • c) Sri Chand
  • d) Kalib Katoch

395. Ptolemy, a Greek historian called Trigarta:

  • a) Valhiskas
  • b) Vyasdesa
  • c) Kalindarine
  • d) Kirgrama

396. Utabi in his book “Tarikh-i- Yamini” called Nagarkot as:

  • a) Bhimkot
  • b) Bhimnagar
  • c) Kalnagar
  • d) Nagarkot

397. Who was the first historian to make mention of Kangra state?

  • a) Thevenot
  • b) Panini
  • c) Plotemy
  • d) Farishta

398. Who was the ruler of Kangra when Chinese Pilgrim Hiuen Tsang visited there in 635 A.D ?

  • a) Utito
  • b) Sansar chand
  • c) Kalyan Chand
  • d) Prithvi Chand

399. Who was the Ruler of Kangra, when Mehmud Gaznavi attacked Nagkot fort in 1009A.D?

  • a) Sher Chand
  • b) Jagdish Chand
  • c) Bhuma Chand
  • d) Dip Chand

400. Who founded Jaswan state?

  • a) PadamChand
  • b) Lakshman Chandra
  • c) Parab Chand
  • d) Sri Chand


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