Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-13

391. Which was the only temple of Kangra Destroyed by the forces of Mahmud Gaznavi?

392. The ancient name of Kangra was?

393.The ancient state “Trigarta”had two provinces. One was Nagarkot and the other _________.

394. Who was the founder of Katoch dynasty in the ancient?

395. Ptolemy, a Greek historian called Trigarta:

396. Utabi in his book “Tarikh-i- Yamini” called Nagarkot as:

397. Who was the first historian to make mention of Kangra state?

398. Who was the ruler of Kangra when Chinese Pilgrim Hiuen Tsang visited there in 635 A.D ?

399. Who was the Ruler of Kangra, when Mehmud Gaznavi attacked Nagkot fort in 1009A.D?

400. Who founded Jaswan state?


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