Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-14

401. In which year Kangra fort was captured by Muhammed Tughlaq?

402. Who was the ruler of Kangra, when Muhammed Tughlaq attacked it?

403. Who was the ruler of Kangra, when Feroz Tughlak be seiged the Nagarkot Fort?

404. Who took possession of the books of Kangra Library and got them translated into Persian?

405. Who was the ruler of Hindur (Nalagarh) when Timur lang plundered the state?

406. Who was made Jagirdar of Kangra by Akbar in 1572 A.D?

407. Name the raja of Kangra, who organised a confederation of hill states and broke into rebellion against Akbar?

408. In 1594-95 A.D there was a revolt against Akbar by a hill Chief rulling at:

409. Raja Bidhi Chand of Kangra, kept his son as hostage in Delhi Darbar named:

410. Which of the following Kangra rulers were the contemporary of Jahagir?


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