Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-14

401. In which year Kangra fort was captured by Muhammed Tughlaq?

402. Who was the ruler of Kangra, when Muhammed Tughlaq attacked it?

  • a) Jaya Chandra
  • b) Parab Chandra
  • c) Prithvi Chandra
  • d) Lakshman Chandra

403. Who was the ruler of Kangra, when Feroz Tughlak be seiged the Nagarkot Fort?

  • a) Som Chand
  • b) Manak Chand
  • c) Anirudh Chand
  • d) Rup Chand

404. Who took possession of the books of Kangra Library and got them translated into Persian?

  • a) Mahmud Gaznabi
  • b) Feroj Shah Tughlaq
  • c) Izzudin Khalid
  • d) Nadir Shah

405. Who was the ruler of Hindur (Nalagarh) when Timur lang plundered the state?

  • a) Sangana Chand
  • b) Hari Chand
  • c) Alan Chand
  • d) Roop Chand

406. Who was made Jagirdar of Kangra by Akbar in 1572 A.D?

  • a) Bakht Mal
  • b) Jai Chand
  • c) Khan Jahan
  • d) Birbal

407. Name the raja of Kangra, who organised a confederation of hill states and broke into rebellion against Akbar?

  • a) Jai Singh
  • b) Jai Chand
  • c) Bidhi Chand
  • d) Bidhi Singh

408. In 1594-95 A.D there was a revolt against Akbar by a hill Chief rulling at:

  • a) Kangra
  • b) Jasrota
  • c) Nurpur
  • d) Jammu

409. Raja Bidhi Chand of Kangra, kept his son as hostage in Delhi Darbar named:

  • a) Prayog Chand
  • b) Ram Chand
  • c) Trilok Chand
  • d) Suvira Chand

410. Which of the following Kangra rulers were the contemporary of Jahagir?

  • a) Trilok Chand
  • b) Hari Chand
  • c) None of above
  • d) a and b Both


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