Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-15

411. Who was sent by Jahangir in 1618 A.D to Capture Kangra Fort?

  • a) Man Singh
  • b) Suraj Mal
  • c) Jagat Singh
  • d) Sahjahan

412. Who became first Quilender of Kangra fort, in 1620A.D when it was annexed by Mughal forces?

  • a) Itmad-ud-daulah
  • b) Nawab Ali Khan
  • c) Jagat Pal
  • d) Shah Quli Khan Taqi

413. Who was the raja of Kangra, when  Jahangir visited there in 1620A.D?

  • a) Chander Bhan
  • b) Hari Chand II
  • c) Dhyan Chand
  • d) Janardhan

414. Who amoung the following Quiledar of Kangra fort was buried on the banks of the Munni river, a branch of Banganga?

  • a) Nawab Ali
  • b) Asad Ullah Khan
  • c) Koch Quli Khan
  • d) Humrat Khan

415. Who founded the town of Bijapur, remained residence of royal family of Kangra till the period of Ghamand Chand?

  • a) Chander Bhan
  • b) Dhyan Chand
  • c) Vikram Chand
  • d) Vijay Ram Chand

416. Who amoung the following ruler of Kangra was called “Diwan” for his policy of a pacific recourse and regular attendance at court?

  • a) Vijai Chand
  • b) Bhim Chand
  • c) Udai Chand
  • d) Alam Chand

417. In which year Alampur was founded by Alam Chand(A.D)?

418. Who was the last Mugal Governor of Kangra fort in 1740 A.D?

  • a) Sayyid Hussain
  • b) Hassan Abdullaha
  • c) Sayyid Khailil
  • d) Nawab Saif Ali Khan

419. Who was appointed by Ahmed Shah Durrani as Governor of punjab in 1759 A.D?

  • a) Ghamand Chand
  • b) Hamid Chand
  • c) Abbaya Chand
  • d) Ghamir Chand

420. Sansar Chand was the famous ruler of:


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