Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-15

411. Who was sent by Jahangir in 1618 A.D to Capture Kangra Fort?

412. Who became first Quilender of Kangra fort, in 1620A.D when it was annexed by Mughal forces?

413. Who was the raja of Kangra, when  Jahangir visited there in 1620A.D?

414. Who amoung the following Quiledar of Kangra fort was buried on the banks of the Munni river, a branch of Banganga?

415. Who founded the town of Bijapur, remained residence of royal family of Kangra till the period of Ghamand Chand?

416. Who amoung the following ruler of Kangra was called “Diwan” for his policy of a pacific recourse and regular attendance at court?

417. In which year Alampur was founded by Alam Chand(A.D)?

418. Who was the last Mugal Governor of Kangra fort in 1740 A.D?

419. Who was appointed by Ahmed Shah Durrani as Governor of punjab in 1759 A.D?

420. Sansar Chand was the famous ruler of:


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