Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-16

421. Name the first Sikh Chief, who invaded Kangra hills, during the late half of the 18th century?

422. Under whose possession was the Kangra fort from 1783-1787 A.D?

423. The famous battle between Sansar Chand and Raj Singh of Chamba took place in A.D 1786 at:

424. in the earlier part of his resign Sansar chand’s court used to held at:

425. Attack on which of the following states led to the  down fall of the Sansar Chand’s Kingdom?

426. Who was the chief of the Gurkha forces attacked Kangra state in 1804-05 A.D?

427. MAharaja Ranjit Singh before his arrival twice returned from the territory of Kangra,When help was asked by Sansar Chand . Once from Sujanpur and once _______?

428. Who wsa the Kangra Wazir in 1804-09A.D?

429. In which year Jawalamukhi Treaty, took place between Sansar Chand and Ranjit Singh?

430 For the help given Ranjit Singhto Sansar Chand in 1809A.D., former was awarded with:



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