Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-16

421. Name the first Sikh Chief, who invaded Kangra hills, during the late half of the 18th century?

  • a) Ranjit Singh
  • b) Gulab Chand
  • c) Jassa Singh Ramgarhia
  • d) Daulat Singh

422. Under whose possession was the Kangra fort from 1783-1787 A.D?

  • a) Jai Singh Kanheya
  • b) Saif Ali Khan
  • c) Jewan Khan
  • d) Daulat Khan

423. The famous battle between Sansar Chand and Raj Singh of Chamba took place in A.D 1786 at:

  • a) Bara-Bhangal
  • b) Nerti, near Shahpur
  • c) Nadaun
  • d) Nagrota Bhagwan

424. in the earlier part of his resign Sansar chand’s court used to held at:

  • a) Sujanpur
  • b) Tikkar in Hamirpur
  • c) Amtar near Nadaun
  • d) Palampur

425. Attack on which of the following states led to the  down fall of the Sansar Chand’s Kingdom?

  • a) Mandi
  • b) Chamba
  • c) Kullu
  • d) Bilaspur

426. Who was the chief of the Gurkha forces attacked Kangra state in 1804-05 A.D?

  • a) Zorawar Singh Thapa
  • b) Jeet Singh
  • c) Amar Singh Thapa
  • d) Madhan Singh Thapa

427. MAharaja Ranjit Singh before his arrival twice returned from the territory of Kangra,When help was asked by Sansar Chand . Once from Sujanpur and once _______?

  • a) Palampur
  • b) Nurpur
  • c) Nadaun
  • d) Kullu

428. Who wsa the Kangra Wazir in 1804-09A.D?

  • a) Fateh Chand
  • b) Ranjit Singh
  • c) Hari Chand
  • d) Naurang

429. In which year Jawalamukhi Treaty, took place between Sansar Chand and Ranjit Singh?

430 For the help given Ranjit Singhto Sansar Chand in 1809A.D., former was awarded with:

  • a) Kangra Fort
  • b) 66 villages
  • c) Kangra and 66 villages
  • d) 60 villages



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