Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-17

431. During 1857 revolt, Chamba Raja Sri Singh?

  • a) Fought against the British
  • b) Sent troops to Dalhausie under the headship of Mian Autar Singh in support of the British.
  • c) Remained passive towards revolt
  • d) None of these.

432. Who was the ruler of Chamba, when state was politically attached to British Jullunder Division?

433. Who was the first British officer appointed to render services to Chamba state in 1863?

434. In which year “Jandrighat” the Chamba raja,s Dalhousie residence was constructed ?

435. Mian Suchet of Chamba died in 1896 A.D at?

436. Who was made Wazir of Chamba state in 1884A.D?

437. When did Bhuri Singh succeeded Sham Singh as the raja of Chamba?

438. Name the raja of Chamba, who attended the Viceregal Darbar in Agra in 1907 and met the Amir of Afghanistan?

439. During the 1st World War (1914-1918) the raja of Chamba Bhuri Singh:

440. Who succeeded Bhuri Singh the Raja of Chamba in 1919?


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