Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-18

441.The first two to enter in Kangra fort, after its liberation from Gurkhas were Sansar chand and–

442. Who was appointed Governor of the Kangra possession by Maharaja Ranjit Singh in 1809 A.D?

443. In which year Sansar Chand died as most disillusioned man(A.D)?

445. Who was made a brother by adoption by Fateh Chand, the younger brother of Sansar Chand llnd of Kangra?

446. Who was given with Rajgir as a Jagir by MaharajaRanjit Singh in 1828 A.D?

447. “Nadaun” was granted as a jagir by Ranjit Singh in 1830A.D to:

448. In 1833 two successors of Anirudh Chand were granted jagir by the British in:

449. In which year Kangra directly came under the control of the British (A.D)?

450. Who was the raja of Kangra during first world war, conferred with the title of Maharaja for his distinguished services?



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