Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-19

451. Who founded the”Guler” state in 1405?

  • a) Hari Chand
  • b) Uttam Chand
  • c) Ratan Chand
  • d) Ghambir Chand

452. Who was the ruler of Guler state in 1572, when other Kangra hill chiefs revolted against the authorities of Mughal emperor Akbar?

  • a) Ram Chand
  • b) Vidya Chand
  • c) Rup Chand
  • d) Jagdish Chand

453. Name the raja of Guler conferred with the title of “Bahadur” by Jahangir for his help in capturing Kangra fort in 1620 A.D?

  • a) Rup Chand
  • b) Ram Chand
  • c) Vidya Chand
  • d) Jagdish Chand

454. Name the ruler of Guler, Who was called “Sher Afgan” by Shahjahan and suffix of the family was also changed to Singh?

  • a) Tej Singh
  • b) Raj Singh
  • c) Ranjit Singh
  • d) Man Singh

455. Who was appointed the guardian of Dalip Singh, the raja of Guler, when his father died and he was only seven ?

  • a) Raj Singh
  • b) Kirpal Singh
  • c) Udai Singh of Chamba
  • d) Dhiraj Pal

456. Guler came under the control of Ghammand Chand the raja of Kangra in the year (A.D):

457. Since 1846-1876 Guler was the part of :

  • a) Kangra state
  • b) Chamba state
  • c) Sikh state Punjab
  • d) Kullu State

458. In 1785, Kotla llaqa of Guler was captured by:

  • a) Sansar Chand
  • b) Wazir Dhian Chand
  • c) Bij Deo
  • d) Raj Singh

459. Who was the last ruler of Guler state in 1790-1811A.D?

  • a) Bhup Singh
  • b) Tej singh
  • c) Jai Singh
  • d) Raghunath Singh

460. “Jaswan” the first off shoot of the Kangra state was founded by Purab Chand, a Katoch rajput in:


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