Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-19

451. Who founded the”Guler” state in 1405?

452. Who was the ruler of Guler state in 1572, when other Kangra hill chiefs revolted against the authorities of Mughal emperor Akbar?

453. Name the raja of Guler conferred with the title of “Bahadur” by Jahangir for his help in capturing Kangra fort in 1620 A.D?

454. Name the ruler of Guler, Who was called “Sher Afgan” by Shahjahan and suffix of the family was also changed to Singh?

455. Who was appointed the guardian of Dalip Singh, the raja of Guler, when his father died and he was only seven ?

456. Guler came under the control of Ghammand Chand the raja of Kangra in the year (A.D):

457. Since 1846-1876 Guler was the part of :

458. In 1785, Kotla llaqa of Guler was captured by:

459. Who was the last ruler of Guler state in 1790-1811A.D?

460. “Jaswan” the first off shoot of the Kangra state was founded by Purab Chand, a Katoch rajput in:


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