Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-20

461. The capital of the Jaswan state was at:

462. Who was the ruler of “Jaswan”, when Gurkhas attacked Kangra state in 1804-05?

463. In which year “Jaswan” was annexed by Maharaja Ranjit Singh?

464. In 1877, British restored the Jagir of Jaswan to which Raja?

465. Siba state was founded in 1450 by Sibram Chand an offshoot from:

466. In which year Jahangir in the company of Noorjahan visited Siba state ?

467. Who was the possession of Siba state from 1786-1806?

468. Under whose domination “Siba state” was from 1809-1830?

469. Who drove out the Sikhs from Siba state, during the second Sikh war?

470 Datarpur state was founded by Datar Chand in 1550,was an off shoot from:


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