Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-20

461. The capital of the Jaswan state was at:

  • a) Nadaun
  • b) Rajpura
  • c) Jawali
  • d) Jaisinghpur

462. Who was the ruler of “Jaswan”, when Gurkhas attacked Kangra state in 1804-05?

  • a) Umed Chand
  • b) Dhula Chand
  • c) Nand Chand
  • d) Rup Chand

463. In which year “Jaswan” was annexed by Maharaja Ranjit Singh?

464. In 1877, British restored the Jagir of Jaswan to which Raja?

  • a) Ran Singh
  • b) Ranbir Singh
  • c) Lakshman Singh
  • d) Umed Singh

465. Siba state was founded in 1450 by Sibram Chand an offshoot from:

466. In which year Jahangir in the company of Noorjahan visited Siba state ?

467. Who was the possession of Siba state from 1786-1806?

468. Under whose domination “Siba state” was from 1809-1830?

  • a) Ranjit Singh
  • b) Govind Singh
  • c) Sansar Chand
  • d) British Government

469. Who drove out the Sikhs from Siba state, during the second Sikh war?

  • a) Devi Singh
  • b) Ram Singh
  • c) Ran Singh
  • d) Ranbir Singh

470 Datarpur state was founded by Datar Chand in 1550,was an off shoot from:


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