Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-21

471. In which year Maharaja Ranjit Singh fully annexed the territory of Datarpur?

472. What was the ancient name of Nurpur?

473. Who gave the new name Nupur to this  State?

474. Who was the Mughal ruler when transfer of capital took place from Pathankot to Nurpur?

475. Nurpur state was founded by a Tomar rajput named Jhet Pal around:

476. Who was the contemporary raja of Nurpur of Delhi sultan Ala- ud-din Khilji from 1313-1357?

477. Name the raja of Nurpur, who was contemporary of  Sikander Lodhi of Delhi?

478. Who constructed the fort of Maukot in Nurpur state?

479. Name the ruler of Nurpur, who was taken as prisoner to Lahore and put to death there by Bairam Khan in 1558?

480. Who built the fort of Shahpur?


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