Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-21

471. In which year Maharaja Ranjit Singh fully annexed the territory of Datarpur?

472. What was the ancient name of Nurpur?

  • a) Dhameri
  • b) Naidar
  • c) Kasimpur
  • d) Dhaulapur

473. Who gave the new name Nupur to this  State?

  • a) Sagar Chand
  • b) Jahagir
  • c) Sahjahan
  • d) Bahadur Shah Zafar

474. Who was the Mughal ruler when transfer of capital took place from Pathankot to Nurpur?

  • a) Akbar
  • b) Babar
  • c) Jahangir
  • d) Shahjahan

475. Nurpur state was founded by a Tomar rajput named Jhet Pal around:

476. Who was the contemporary raja of Nurpur of Delhi sultan Ala- ud-din Khilji from 1313-1357?

  • a) Khetar Pal
  • b) Jagat Pal
  • c) Kirat Pal
  • d) Jas Pal

477. Name the raja of Nurpur, who was contemporary of  Sikander Lodhi of Delhi?

  • a) Bhil Pal
  • b) Bhakt Pal
  • c) Prithvi pal
  • d) Nag Pal

478. Who constructed the fort of Maukot in Nurpur state?

  • a) Bakht Pal
  • b) Sher shah Suri
  • c) Salim Shah Sur
  • d) Prithvi

479. Name the ruler of Nurpur, who was taken as prisoner to Lahore and put to death there by Bairam Khan in 1558?

  • a) Kailas Pal
  • b) Bakht Pal
  • c) Kakho Pal
  • d) Pahari Mal

480. Who built the fort of Shahpur?

  • a) Bakht Mal
  • b) Bas Dev
  • c) Sher Shah Suri
  • d) Kailash Pal


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