Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-22

481. Who transferred the capital of Nurpur state from Pathankot to Dhameri?

482. In 1623, a battle took place between raja Jagat Singh(Nurpur) and raja Janardhan (Chamba)at:

483. Which of the following was the first state in A.D1614-15 to come under the control of  Jagat Singhof Nurpur?

484. Who built the fort if Taragarh in Nurpur?

485. Nurpur State was on its Zenith during the period of:

486. Who among the following members of the Royal family of Nurpur embraced Islam and came to be known as Murid Khan?

487. Lakhanpur a territory of the Basholi state was under the possession of which state from 1785-1846 A.D?

488. Who was the last ruling chief of the Nurpur state (A.D 1789-1846)?

489. Which of the following princely state does not form the part of the Mordern Kangra District?

490. Name the capital of princely state Banghal?


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