Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-23

491. Who among the following rajas of Banghal was killed by Sidh Sen of Mandi in Damdama Palace?

  • a) Ram Pal
  • b) Nayak Pal
  • c) Raj Pal
  • d) Prithi Pal

492. Who was the last ruling chief of the Bengal state in 1749 A.D.?

  • a) Rangnath Pal
  • b) Dalel Pal
  • c) Man Pal
  • d) Uchal Pal

493. Which of the following was the smallest of all principalities in the Kangra area?

  • a) Siba
  • b) Kutlehr
  • c) Banghal
  • d) Datarpur

494. The capital of Kutlehr state was at:

  • a) Kot-Kahlur
  • b) Talhati
  • c) Paprola
  • d) Chauki

495. From 1786-1806 A.D. Kutlehr state was the part of :

  • a) Punjab
  • b) Nurpur
  • c) Sirmour
  • d) Kangra

496. Before the independence of India in 1947, Kinnaur was the part of princely state:

  • a) Kullu
  • b) Rampura
  • c) Rampur Bushahr
  • d) Tibet

497. Tibetan called “Kinnaur” as:

  • a) Mone
  • b) Khunu
  • c) Bushahr
  • d) Khandwash

498. In the ancient, the capital of Rampur Bushahr state was:

499. Who made the “Bushahr” state one of the three paramount powers in the Shimla Hills ?

  • a) Kheri Singh
  • b) Chhatar Singh
  • c) Raghunath Singh
  • d) Mahabali Singh

500. Who among the following rajas of Bushahr was ajanbahu (one who can touch his knees with his hands, while standing straight)?

  • a) Tikka Ram Singh
  • b) Raja Kheri Singh
  • c) Jagat Singh
  • d) Raghunath Singh



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