Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-23

491. Who among the following rajas of Banghal was killed by Sidh Sen of Mandi in Damdama Palace?

492. Who was the last ruling chief of the Bengal state in 1749 A.D.?

493. Which of the following was the smallest of all principalities in the Kangra area?

494. The capital of Kutlehr state was at:

495. From 1786-1806 A.D. Kutlehr state was the part of :

496. Before the independence of India in 1947, Kinnaur was the part of princely state:

497. Tibetan called “Kinnaur” as:

498. In the ancient, the capital of Rampur Bushahr state was:

499. Who made the “Bushahr” state one of the three paramount powers in the Shimla Hills ?

500. Who among the following rajas of Bushahr was ajanbahu (one who can touch his knees with his hands, while standing straight)?



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