Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-24

501. Which of the following states was not humbled by Kheri Singh of Bushahr?

502. In Tibeto- Laddakhi Mughal war Kehri Singh:

503. Who succeeded Kheri Singh in 1811 A.D. as the raja of Bushahr?

504. In 1815 A.D. Pitched battle took place between Gurkhas and Bushahr forces at :

505. In 1898, after the death of Ragunath Singh, British appointed Rai Sahab Mangat Ram as wazir of the state with the power of a raja. He belonged to:

506. Who was the last raja of Bushahr state (1914-1947)?

507. Who was the last Dewan of the state Rampur Bushahr?

508. In the ancient Kullu valley was known as Kuantapitha, means:

  • a) Abode of Kunti Putras
  • b) Neighouring country of Kinners
  • c) land infected with insects
  • d) The end of inhabitable world

509. The earliest seat of the rajas of Kullu dynasty was at:

510. Which of the following rajas of Kullu merged “Kothi Barsai” with his kingdom, after marrying Rup Sundari the ruler of the territory?



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