Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-25

511. Who transferred the capital of Kullu state from Jagat Sukh to Naggar?

  • a) Visudh Pal
  • b) Suraj Pal
  • c) Rakesh Pal
  • d) Uttam Pal

512. Who was the raja of Kullu, when Rajender Sen of Spiti invaded the state?

  • a) Hamir Pal
  • b) Rudra Pal
  • c) Suraj Pal
  • d) Vishudh Pal

513. Name the Raj of Kullu, who liberated the state from dominance of Spiti raja Chet Sen?

  • a) Som Pal
  • b) Parsidh Pal
  • c) Sansar Pal
  • d) Hamir Pal

514. Who was the Kullu raja, when Meru Varman of Chamba around 780-800 A.D.?

  • a) Sital Pal
  • b) Achamba Pal
  • c) Sri Jareshwar Pal
  • d) Param Pal

515. Kullu was liberated by Sri Jareshwar Pal from Chamba with the help of the state:

  • a) Mandi
  • b) Bushahr
  • c) Suket
  • d) Kangra

516. Who was the Kullu raja, when twelve years war was fought against Chamba State?

  • a) Narad Pal
  • b) Bhup Pal
  • c) Param Pal
  • d) Nagender Pal

517. In a battle which took place between Bikram Sen and Tribikram Sen of Suket. Hast Pal of Kullu sided with Tribikram and got killed. Where the battle took place?

518. Who was the raja of Kullu, when it was made tributary by Banghal river for ten years?

  • a) Saras Pal
  • b) Nisudan pal
  • c) Shahdev Pal
  • d) Bai Pal

519. Who was the last raja of Kullu, bearing the title of Pal ruled from 1428-1450 A.D?

  • a) Mahi Chakar Pal
  • b) Hans Pal
  • c) Urdhan Pal
  • d) Kailash Pal

520. In which year Tibetans attacked Kullu ?


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