Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-26

521. Who was the contemporary of the Kullu raja Bahadur Singh in Suket?

522. In which year Kullu was subjugated  by the Mugal emperor Akbar A.D?

523. Who was the most powerful king of Kullu dynasty?

524. In Which year Jagat Singh transferred the capital from Nagar to Sultanpur A.D?

525. Which Mughal emperor conferred the title of “Raja” on Jagat Singh of Kullu?

526. Upper Lahaul was under th epossession of Ladakh since A.D 1125-50, who liberated it in about 1670-80 A.D?

527. The rana of which principality killed raja Man Singh of Kullu at Srikot?

528. Who was the raja of Kullu state, when Guru Govind Singh visited there?

529. From 1734-1767 A.D Chuhar territory was with the state of:

530. Who among the following Kullu rajas was the contemporary of Raja Sansar Chand IIof Kangra?







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