Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-26

521. Who was the contemporary of the Kullu raja Bahadur Singh in Suket?

  • a) Sidh Sen
  • b) Ugar Sen
  • c) Arjun Sen
  • d) Chattar Sen

522. In which year Kullu was subjugated  by the Mugal emperor Akbar A.D?

523. Who was the most powerful king of Kullu dynasty?

  • a) Jagat Singh
  • b) Bahadur Singh
  • c) Padam Singh
  • d) Maheshwar Singh

524. In Which year Jagat Singh transferred the capital from Nagar to Sultanpur A.D?

525. Which Mughal emperor conferred the title of “Raja” on Jagat Singh of Kullu?

  • a) Akbar
  • b) Shahjahan
  • c) Aurangzeb
  • d) Jahangir

526. Upper Lahaul was under th epossession of Ladakh since A.D 1125-50, who liberated it in about 1670-80 A.D?

  • a) Bidhi Singh
  • b) Man Singh
  • c) Chattar Singh
  • d) Har Singh

527. The rana of which principality killed raja Man Singh of Kullu at Srikot?

  • a) Shangri
  • b) Saraj
  • c) Kumharasain
  • d) Kot Khandi

528. Who was the raja of Kullu state, when Guru Govind Singh visited there?

  • a) Jai Singh
  • b) Raj Singh
  • c) Man Singh
  • d) Sidh Singh

529. From 1734-1767 A.D Chuhar territory was with the state of:

530. Who among the following Kullu rajas was the contemporary of Raja Sansar Chand IIof Kangra?

  • a) Raj Singh
  • b) Jai Singh
  • c) Pritham Singh
  • d) Tedhi Singh







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