Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-27

531. In which year Kullu become the part of British territory and governance (A.D)?

532. Who was the ruler of Kullu in 1857 A.D. with the title of “Rai” at the time of great revolt?

533. which of the followings was never the capital of Kullu state?

534. Shikari Devi sanctuary is located in ….

535. In which year Spiti was taken over by the British East India company A.D.?

536. “Nono” was a famous wazir in the state of :

537. Name the wazir of Lahaul, who rendered invaluable services to th British during 1st World War and conferred with the title of “Rai Bahadur”?

538. The Chief of Mandi, Suket, Keonthal and Kishtwar were from common “Sena” dynasty of:

539. Who founded the Mandi state in around 1200 A.D?

540. Who defeated the Kilti chief, who used to plunder travellers in Mandi state?


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