Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-28

541. Who is generally called the first raja of Mandi, (also founded the town Mandi in 1527 A.D.)

  • a) Narayan Sen
  • b) Keshab Sen
  • c) Ajbar Sen
  • d) Maratu

542. In which year Suraj Sen built the fort of Kamlagarh A.D?

  • a) 1625
  • b) 1530
  • c) 1534
  • 1602
  • 1625

543. Who built the “Damdama” palace in Mandi town?

  • a) Suraj Sen
  • b) Ajbr Sen
  • c) Bahu Sen
  • d) Keshab Sen

544. In which year Shyam Sen, took the territory of Dhunjgarh from Kullu?

545. Where are the 1670 A.D battle took place between the forces of the raja of Kangra and alliance of Mandi and Kehloor?

  • a) Baira
  • b) Dhar Taran
  • c) Hatoli
  • d) Patri

546. Who built the fort of Sarakhpur in 1695 A.D in Mandi?

  • a) Hamir sen
  • b) Sidh Sen
  • c) Bir Sen
  • d) Garur Sen

547. Who was the raja of Mandi, when Guru Govind Singh visited the place inthe close of 17th century?

  • a) Sidh Sen
  • b) Raj Sen
  • c) Bir Sen
  • d) Garur Sen

548. Raja Sansar Chand attacked Mandi in 1779 A.D and kept with him the district of:

  • a) Hatoli
  • b) Chuhari
  • c) Nantpur
  • d) Mandi State

549. Name the Prime Minister of Mandi, who was killed by raja Zalim Sen?

  • a) Mansa Ram
  • b) Dhari
  • c) Kripal
  • d) Balbir Sen

550. In which year Sikh army after the death of Maharaja Ranjit Singh attacked Mandi state?



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