Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-29

551. Who led the Sikh army in 1840, against Mandi state?

  • a) Colonel Tapp
  • b) General Vantura
  • c) Nao Nihal Singh
  • d) Zarnail Singh

552. Raja Balbir Sen of Mandi was arrested treacherously by Sikh army and kept in Govindgarh Fort, located at:

  • a) Kullu
  • b) Mehatpur
  • c) Jullunder
  • d) Amritsar

553. In which year “Kamlagarh fort” was occupied by Sikh army?

554. “Wazir Gasaon” was famous from the state:

555. In which year lord Mayo Viceroy of India visited Mandi state?

556. In which year lord Mayo (Viceroy) Visited Chamba State (A.D.)?

557. Himachal Pradesh Lokayukta Act was passed in which year ?

558. Name the Raja of Mandi, who attended the Delhi Darbar of 1877 A.D?

  • a) Uttam Sen
  • b) Bijai Sen
  • c) Man Sen
  • d) Chattar Sen

559. Sardar Jawala Singh was a famous Wazir in the state :

560. In which year lord Elgin II visited Mandi state ?

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