Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-30

561. Name The Raja of Mandi, who attended Delhi Coronation Darbar in 1911 a.d?

  • a) Bijai Sen
  • b) Man Sen
  • c) Suraj Sen
  • d) Bhavani Sen

562. During the 1st world war Mandi state:

  • a) was neutral
  • b) Sided with the British
  • c) opposed the British
  • d) first opposed and later supported

563. Who was the last raja of Mandi state?

  • a) Bhavani Sen
  • b) Raj Sen
  • c) Bahadur Sen
  • d) Joginder Sen

564. Mandi was an off shoot of:

565. Who founded the state Suket in A.D. 765?

  • a) Chatter Sen
  • b) Vir Sen
  • c) Joginder Sen
  • d) Bahadur Sen

566. Name the raja of Suket, who was poisoned by his officials?

  • a) Sahu Sen
  • b) Rattan Sen
  • c) Bahadur Sen
  • d) Vir Sen

567. Who built the fort, named “Rani ka kot” in 1120 A.D?

  • a) Sewant Sen
  • b) Madan Sen
  • c) Rattan Singh
  • d) Sahu Sen

568. Who was the ruler of Suket, when capital of the state was shifted from Lohara to Kartarpur?

  • a) Madan Sen
  • b) Kartar Sen
  • c) Parbat Sen
  • d) Arjun Sen

569. Which of the following rajas revolted against Mughal authority in 1641A.D?

  • a) Man Singh
  • b) Jagat Singh
  • c) Bal Singh
  • d) Bhup Singh

570. What the earlier name of “Sundernagar” town was?

  • a) Baned
  • b) Surajpur
  • c) Himli
  • d) Dhanyara


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