Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-30

561. Name The Raja of Mandi, who attended Delhi Coronation Darbar in 1911 a.d?

562. During the 1st world war Mandi state:

563. Who was the last raja of Mandi state?

564. Mandi was an off shoot of:

565. Who founded the state Suket in A.D. 765?

566. Name the raja of Suket, who was poisoned by his officials?

567. Who built the fort, named “Rani ka kot” in 1120 A.D?

568. Who was the ruler of Suket, when capital of the state was shifted from Lohara to Kartarpur?

569. Which of the following rajas revolted against Mughal authority in 1641A.D?

570. What the earlier name of “Sundernagar” town was?


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