Himachal Pradesh Geography General Knowledge Questions-25

231. The famous Luhnu Ground is located at:

232. The Dhaka Glacier is located in the territory of –

233. What is “Saunkani da kot”?

  • a) A rivulet in district Mandi
  • b) Name of book
  • c) Name of place in district Kangra
  • d) A mysterious fort in district Sirmour

234. What is the altitude of Solan town from sea level?

235. Name of the place where the amusement park is located at the highest altitude in Asia?

236. The regional Centre of Indian Bureau of standard is:

237. Saryolsar lake in district Kullu is located at:

238. Before disorganization of state, Una was the part of district:

239. Which district does not share its boundary  with Kangra district?

240. With which state or district Chamba does not share its boundary?


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