Himachal Pradesh Geography General Knowledge Questions-26

241. Who wrote about Kullu valley “Surely the Gods live here, This is no place for men”-

  • a) Joseph Rudyard Kipling
  • b) Lal Chand Prarthi
  • c) Salman Rushdie
  • d) Mark Twain

242. Where is Bander Ghati (Monkey valley)?

  • a) Kullu, on the way to Malana
  • b) Chamba, on the way from Danchcho to Mani Mahesh
  • c) Dharmashala, on the way to Macleod Ganj
  • d) Hamirpur, on the way to Deotsidh

243. Which are the climatically hot valleys in Himachal Pradesh?

  • a) Shivalik hill valley
  • b) Kiarda-dun valley
  • c) Beas valley
  • d) All of these

244. Number of rainy days in Dharamshala are:

  • a) 77.5 days
  • b) 85.5 days
  • c) 99.3 days
  • d) none

245. Rainy seasons in Himachal Pradesh is locally called as:

  • a) Barakhi
  • b) Monsoon
  • c) Huind
  • d) Barsat

246. Hot season in Himachal Pradesh is locally known as :

247. Most of the glacier in Himachal Pradesh are located in :

  • a) Greater Himalayas
  • b) Inner Himalayas
  • c) Shivalik Range
  • d) Outer Himalayas

248. The sub-divisional headquarters of Pangi valley is at:

249. Snow and Avalanche Studies Establishment (SASE), a wing if Defense Research Development Organisation (DRDO) is located at:

250. Khirganga hot water spring are in :


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