Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-3

281. Which of the following was the oldest princely state of Himachal Pradesh?

  • a) Kuluta
  • b) Trigarta
  • c) Hindur
  • d) Mandu

282. Who founded Trigarta in the 13th century B.C?

  • a) Vishwamitra
  • b) Brihangamuni
  • c) Susharma
  • d) Devanamapriya

283. The original seat of Susharma’s family was at:

284. Trigarta in modern period denotes to-

  • a) Kullu
  • b) Sirmour
  • c) Kangra
  • d) Chamba

285. Which of the following was the second oldest princely state of Himachal Pradesh?

  • a) Kutlehr
  • b) Kuluta
  • c) Guler
  • d) Bharmaur

286. In the great Mahabharta war Susharma Chandra was an ally of-

  • a) The Pandavas
  • b) The Viratas
  • c) The Kauravas
  • d) Lord Krishna

287. Who founded the modern Kullu state?

  • a) Brihangamuni
  • b) Padamsambhava
  • c) Rahul Sankritayan
  • d) Ratna Bhadra

288. Who was the powerful king of Kiratas in the lower Shivalik, fought against the Dicodas, the Aryan King?

  • a) Shambra
  • b) Kartikya
  • c) Arjunya
  • d) Jalandhara

289. In the 20th century, coin of Kulindas have been found in:

  • a) Kalka
  • b) Nagarkot
  • c) Ambala and Saharanpur
  • d) Sirmour and Nalagarh

290. The coin of Kanishka (the Kushan ruler) have been found in-

  • a) Kullu Valley
  • b) Kalka-Kasauli road and Kanihara in Kangra
  • c) Manali-Leh road
  • d) Mahalmorian road and Awahdevi


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