Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-4

301. Panini mentioned Trigarta as Ayudhyajivi Sangh, a confederation of six states, known as Trigarta Shashthas. What does Ayudhyajivi mean?

  • a) Martial race
  • b) Inhospitable people
  • c) Scare of war
  • d) Lover of nature

302. Who was the Kulinda King in the Shivalik hill, during the later of the first century B.C?

  • a) Amoghabhuti
  • b) Susharma
  • c) Krityana
  • d) Vishwakarma

303. The forts of “Kot-Kahlur” and “Fatehpur” in the stateof Bilaspur are located on the range called?

  • a)Tiun hills
  • b) Kot hills
  • c) Naina devi hills
  • d) Jhanjiar hills

304. The Bachhretu, Basiah and Dogra Maihot forts are located in the range called:

  • a) Bahadurpur hills
  • b) Ratanpur hills
  • c) Tiun hills
  • d) Kot hills

305. The forts of “Sarium” and “Naurangarh” are located in Bilaspur inthe range called:

  • a) Kot hills
  • b) Tiun hills
  • c) Ratanpur hill
  • d) None of these

306. Bahadurpur Fort was the summer palace of the Raja of Bilaspur named:

  • a) Bidhi Chand
  • c) Bijai Chand
  • d) Kalyan Chand
  • c) Anand  Chand

307. Which of the following historical forts not located in Bilaspur district?

  • a) Ratanpur fort
  • b) Bahadurpur fort
  • c) Shiwala Bachhretu
  • d) Mahalmorian

308. Who constructed the “Jagat Khana Tank” and “Tank of Swarghat” in Bilaspur in 1874?

  • a) Jagat Chand
  • b) Hira Chand
  • c) Kalyan Chand
  • d) Sansar Chand

309. Who among the following rulers constructed the tank at Toba Sanghwana(in Bilaspur)?

  • a) Bijai Chand
  • b) Bhup Chand
  • c) Teg Chand
  • d) Ajit Chand

310. Who founded the state Kahlur in 900?

  • a) Bir Chand
  • b) Kabir Chand
  • c) Govind Chand
  • d) Harihar Chand


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