Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-4

301. Panini mentioned Trigarta as Ayudhyajivi Sangh, a confederation of six states, known as Trigarta Shashthas. What does Ayudhyajivi mean?

302. Who was the Kulinda King in the Shivalik hill, during the later of the first century B.C?

303. The forts of “Kot-Kahlur” and “Fatehpur” in the stateof Bilaspur are located on the range called?

304. The Bachhretu, Basiah and Dogra Maihot forts are located in the range called:

305. The forts of “Sarium” and “Naurangarh” are located in Bilaspur inthe range called:

306. Bahadurpur Fort was the summer palace of the Raja of Bilaspur named:

307. Which of the following historical forts not located in Bilaspur district?

308. Who constructed the “Jagat Khana Tank” and “Tank of Swarghat” in Bilaspur in 1874?

309. Who among the following rulers constructed the tank at Toba Sanghwana(in Bilaspur)?

310. Who founded the state Kahlur in 900?


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