Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-5

311. The founder of Kahlur was a Chandel Rajput from-

  • a) Nalagarh
  • b) Chanderi Bundelkhand
  • c) Ambala
  • d) Chittor

312. Which of the following states was not humbled by Bir Chand?

313. Who founded the ruling dynasty of Handur (Nalagarh)?

  • a) Ahl Chand
  • b) Ajit Chand
  • c) Jaskaran Chand
  • d) Kahl Chand

314. Which amouung the following rajas of Bilaspur was forced by people to leave the state becauseof his tyrannical rule-

  • a) Megh Chand
  • b) Sagar Chand
  • c) Dev Chand
  • d) Alim Chand

315. Who helped Raja Megh Chand of Bilaspur to regain his lost Kingdom?

  • a) Gokal Chand
  • b) Samsu-ud-din Altamash
  • c) Tatar Khan
  • d) Megh Chand

316. Raja Sampuran Chand of Bilaspur was killed by his younger brother , named:

  • a) Ratan Chand
  • b) Udai chand
  • c) Sagar Chand
  • d) Ram Chand

317. Who ampung the following rulers of Kahlur was contemporary of Mughal emperor Akbar?

  • a) Narinder Chand
  • b) Ram Chand
  • c) Gyan Chand
  • d) Pahar Chand

318. Name the Raja of Bilaspur who embraced Islam under the influence of the Viceroy of Sirhind?

  • a) Gyan Chand
  • b) Megh Chand
  • c) Udai Chand
  • d) Dev Chand

319. Name the Raja who built the fort on the borders of Handur, ultimately resulted in a war between Bilaspur and Handur?

  • a) Bik Chand
  • b) Sultan Chand
  • c) Kalain Chand
  • d) Kesba Chand

320. Who shifted the residence of ruling family from Sunhani and founded a new town called Bilaspur(1650-1656)?

  • a) Tara Chand
  • b) Dip Chand
  • c) Ulas Chand
  • d) Kalain Chand



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