Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-5

311. The founder of Kahlur was a Chandel Rajput from-

312. Which of the following states was not humbled by Bir Chand?

313. Who founded the ruling dynasty of Handur (Nalagarh)?

314. Which amouung the following rajas of Bilaspur was forced by people to leave the state becauseof his tyrannical rule-

315. Who helped Raja Megh Chand of Bilaspur to regain his lost Kingdom?

316. Raja Sampuran Chand of Bilaspur was killed by his younger brother , named:

317. Who ampung the following rulers of Kahlur was contemporary of Mughal emperor Akbar?

318. Name the Raja of Bilaspur who embraced Islam under the influence of the Viceroy of Sirhind?

319. Name the Raja who built the fort on the borders of Handur, ultimately resulted in a war between Bilaspur and Handur?

320. Who shifted the residence of ruling family from Sunhani and founded a new town called Bilaspur(1650-1656)?



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