Anti Ragging Act 2009

On 19th march 2009, the state government Himachal Pradesh passed anti ragging law to insure healthy atmosphere in the educational institutions. The act was necessitated after the death of a medical student Aman Kachru at Tanda Medical Collage the act came into force on 25th of march 2009.

Ragging in the state has been put in the category of serious offence which is unbailable and on the permition of the court shell be a compound offence. If a student found involved in ragging he/she can be –

  • Rusticated from the institutions.
  • Will not be allowed to take admission in any institutions for nest three years.
  • There is provision for 3 years jail and rupees 50,000 fine.
  • The concerned authorities will have to make enquiry within 24 hours of complaint by the victim.
  • If delay is caused by the concerned officials in registration of the case, then criminal proceeding could be initiated against such persons for negligence and delay in action.

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