Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-55

1081. Which of the following books on Pahari painting have been written by Dr. M.S Randhawa?

  • a) Basholi Painting
  • b) Kangra Painting
  • c) Krishna legend in Pahri painting
  • d) All of these

1082. Who took a keen interest in promotion of Chamba embroidery and rumal?

  • a) Smt. Kamala Devi Chattopadhyay
  • b) Bimla Sharma
  • c) Kirpal Singh
  • d) V.C Ohri

1083. Sannat Kumar Chatterji is associated with-

  • a) Sculptur
  • b) Craft
  • c) Painting
  • d) Writing

1084. Satgarh fort or Fatehpur fort is located at-

  • a) Bilaspur, on Naina Devi hills
  • b) Una, on Sohla Singhi Dhar
  • c) Bilaspur in Kotdhar
  • d) Kangra in Dhauladhar

1085. Lakargarh fort in Kalar, Mandi was built by-

  • a) Chitra Sen
  • b) Inder Sen
  • c) Attar Sen
  • d) Chater Sen

1086. Dhatu – Thakuron ka Quilla (fort of Thakurs) is located at Chehani (Banjar) in-

  • a) Hamirpur
  • b) Sirmour
  • c) Mandi
  • d) Kullu

1087. The fort located at a distance of 19km. from Dharamshala towards Palampur is-

  • a) Pathyar
  • b) Bhimta
  • c) Kangra Fort
  • d) Malaon Fort

1088. Chhatipur fort was built by-

  • a) Maharaja Sansar Chand
  • b) Todar Mal
  • c) Akbar
  • d) Jahangir

1089. In which fort near Nalagarh, Captain Briggs stationed his soldiers during 1857A.D revolt?

  • a) Kalasi
  • b) Palasi
  • c) Kotkahloor
  • d) Fatehpur fort

1090. The Kangra King who married a beautiful local Gaddi girl Nokhu and made her his queen, was:

  • a) Maharaja Sansar Chand
  • b) Maharaja Krishan Chand
  • c) Maharaja Bhim Chand
  • d) Maharaja Uday Chand


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