Himachal Pradesh Geography General Knowledge Questions-74

1071. The unique palace of Jubbal (Shimla) was designed by a French architect in:

  • a) 1920 AD
  • b) 1924 AD
  • c) 1926 AD
  • d) 1930 AD

1072. Which tribe is famous for using wooden utensils?

  • a) Kinnauras
  • b) Lahaulis
  • c) Gaddis
  • d) Pangwals

1073. Where is the village ‘Sunarion ka Gaon’ (Goldsmith’s village) located?

1074. What is Chamba Chukh?

  • a) It is a name of song sung in Chamba hills.
  • b) It is mashed spicy Chillie pickle made in Chamba.
  • c) It is a kind of headgear.
  • d) It is a name of famous story.

1075. Thoda, a Khash or Khund caste dance with arrow and bows, is played in-

  • a) Theog
  • b) Upper Shimla
  • c) Sirmour
  • d) At all these places

1076. The popular song of Fateh Ram Wazir, a described of his extraordinary skills, is of-

  • a) Rampur Bushahr
  • b) Mandi
  • c) Nurpur
  • d) Kotkahloor

1077. Famous song of Sidhu Mian, telling us about the revolt of the people against Raja, is of-

  • a) Kangra
  • b) Sirmour
  • c) Mandi
  • d) Kullu

1078. Laa dance in Bodh areas is called-

1079. The artist of Guler and Kangra had the colours of the dawn and the rainbow on their palettes. Who said this about the painters of Kangra?

  • a) J.C French
  • b) Grierson
  • c) M.S Randhawa
  • d) Sardar Shobha Singh


1440. Central Potato Research Institute is located at ?

a). Dharamshala
b). Bemloe Shimla
c). Kullu

d). Solan

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