Himachal Pradesh Geography General Knowledge Questions-73

1061. Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute is located at:

1062. Tyohaar ceremony is celebrated during winters in –

1063. Bodh monastery in Rewalsar has been built in :

1064. Where is Thodo ground located?

1065. Pushkot, the god of rain and saviour of people from drought is worshipped in:

1066. What is the name of place in Mandi where ceremonial fight between Joginis and Devtas is celebrated?

1067. Rezta ( wearing gown for ladies) is a dress worn in-

1068. Who has authored the book “Classic Recipes from Himachal Pradesh”?

1069. Puhla (footwear) and Namdu (mattress) are used in-

1070. Himachal’s indigenous architecture style is popularly known as-


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