Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-32

581. Who founded the state Bhajji (presently in the district of Shimla)?

582. In the 10th century A.D. the capital of Bushahr state was shifted Kamru to:

583. Who was the Tibetan commander defeated by Raja Kheri Singh of Bhushar in the end of 17th century?

584. Who among the following ruler of Bhushahr made Rampur his capital?

585. Who was the raja of Bushahr, when outer Seraj area was fully taken away from Bushahr by Kullu raja Man Singh?

586. In which year :Rawin” and “Kotgarh” become the British possession ?

587. “Manohar Dass” and “Ram Bahadur Singh” were the two famous state officials in:

588. Who among the following revolted against the Bushahr state twice in 1890’s and 1906, to set up Dodra Kawar as an independent principality?

589. Who performed the “Tilak” ceremony of Raja Padam Singh of Bushahrin 1914?

590. Who founded the state Darkoti (currently in Shimla)?


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