Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-32

581. Who founded the state Bhajji (presently in the district of Shimla)?

  • a) Ram Chand
  • b) Chand
  • c) Bhup Singh
  • d) Amar Singh

582. In the 10th century A.D. the capital of Bushahr state was shifted Kamru to:

  • a) Chaupal
  • b) Kotkhai
  • c) Sarahan
  • d) Dharamshala

583. Who was the Tibetan commander defeated by Raja Kheri Singh of Bhushar in the end of 17th century?

  • a) Guldenchhen
  • b) Amar Singh Thapa
  • c) Zorawar Singh
  • d) Udai Singh

584. Who among the following ruler of Bhushahr made Rampur his capital?

  • a) Ram Singh
  • b) Udai Singh
  • c) Kheri Singh
  • d) Vijay Singh

585. Who was the raja of Bushahr, when outer Seraj area was fully taken away from Bushahr by Kullu raja Man Singh?

  • a) Chattar Singh
  • b) Kaurav Singh
  • c) Kheri Singh
  • d) Udai Singh

586. In which year :Rawin” and “Kotgarh” become the British possession ?

587. “Manohar Dass” and “Ram Bahadur Singh” were the two famous state officials in:

  • a) Kumharsain
  • b) Bushahr
  • c) kullu
  • d) Sirmour

588. Who among the following revolted against the Bushahr state twice in 1890’s and 1906, to set up Dodra Kawar as an independent principality?

  • a) Samsher Singh
  • b) Tikka Raghunath Singh
  • c) Mansukh Das
  • d) Ran Bahadur Singh

589. Who performed the “Tilak” ceremony of Raja Padam Singh of Bushahrin 1914?

  • a) Bijai Chand of Bilaspur
  • b) Shri Singh of Jubbal
  • c) Bhagwant Singh of Kullu
  • d) Bhim Sen Mandi

590. Who founded the state Darkoti (currently in Shimla)?

  • a) Ugar Singh
  • b) Bhim Singh
  • c) Durga Singh
  • d) Sabir Singh


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