Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-33

591. “Tharoch and Dhadi” formerly princely stated are with district:

592. In which year “Dhadi” became a feudatory of Jubbal and remained so, till 1947?

593. Who founded the formely a princely state Kumharsain around 11th century?

594. Who founded the princely state “Delath” (presently in Shimla)

595. Before1815 A.D. Kumharsain, Khaneti and Delath were the feudatory of:

596. Who founded “Theog” in around 1676 A.D.?

597. In the brginning “Madan” ,”Theog” and “Ghund”were the part of:

598. Jubbal was founded by Karan Chand. it became independent only in 1815 A.D. originally it was a tributary of:

599. “Sari” state founded by Mool Chand, lost its identity in A.D.?

600. Who founded the state Sirmour?

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