Himachal Pradesh History General Knowledge Questions-34

601. Formerly the chief of Keonthal was stated as “Rana”. In which year the title of Raja was conferred by the British government?

602. In which year “Theog, Koti, Ghund and Madan” became tributaries of Keonthal?

603. In which year “Punnar” was permanently transferred to Keonthal state?

604. “Ratesh” state was founded by Rai Singh, a brother of Raja Karam Prakash of Sirmour was a tributary of:

605. “Sangri” state originally belonged to Bushahr, was occupied by Man Singh of Kullu in the first half of 18th century. In 1948, it became part of  district:

606. In which year the present district of Shimla came into existence?

607. The Gurkhas commander Bhagta Thapa was  killed near?

608. In 1814-15 A.D. the treaty of Snajauli was signed between Gurkhas and the:

609. Who was the first to br appointed superintendent of the hill ststes in 1822?

610. The history of Sirmour’s dynasty started with Subh Bans Prakash in 1195 with the capital at:


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